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~ FEB 2021 ~
Well it's been a funny old year, but pleased to say More Than a Haircut has continued to reach audiences with acceptances from Doc Edge Festival in New Zealand, jellyFEST in Los Angeles and FlickFair online!
~ DEC 2019 ~
 Excited to announce New Media Film Festival in LA has accepted More Than a Haircut!
Also, Select Services Films will be taking on wider distribution of the interactive documentary. Looking forward to reaching a wider audience with the project!
~ MON 25.11.19 ~
Very inspiring short and sweet weekend at IDFA. Some fantastic new films. Personal favourites include iHuman, Moving So Slowly, Letter to the Editor and Summerwar.
~ FRI 02.08.19 ~
The interactive documentary More Than a Haircut I have been producing with BAMM in collaboration with men's mental health charity CALM for the past 6 months is at last complete and live! Through the context of barbershops, the project explores concepts of masculinity in different cultures around the world, while shining a light on the role barbers play in their clients' lives beyond cutting their hair. More info here.
~ SUN 10.02.19 ~
New project with BAMM in full swing: we're exploring masculinity and what it means in different cultures in London and around the world, in the context of barbershops.
~ FRI 12.10.18 ~
Here's the results of a cheeky road trip circumnavigating the Dead Sea through Israel and Jordan.
~ SAT 9.6.18 ~
So excited to be at Sheffield Doc Fest! Halfway through now and I've met lots of inspiring people, seen lots of stirring films. Favourites so far include The Distant Barking of Dogs by Simon Lereng Wilmont and Bruce Lee and The Outlaw by Joost Vandeburg.
~ FRI 13.4.18 ~
Been interviewing shop owners this week in Nürnberg and Dortmund, Germany.
~ SAT 7.4.18 ~
Just had a full-on week in Pakistan on fieldwork for BAMM, meeting mechanics and oil shop owners, finding out about their lives and businesses.
~ THURS 8.2.18 ~
...and that's another selection for Left at Tovarnik! We will be screening at the 3rd Annual NYC Short Documentary Festival on the 25th of March.
~ WED 31.1.18 ~
It's great to say that my 'Best Documentary' (IOMFF) award-winning short film from India, Humans of Varanasi, has also been made available to view to the general public! Enjoy!
~ MON 8.1.18 ~
After a great and unexpected run, I'm very pleased to announce that Left at Tovarnik, the short doc I worked on capturing the experiences on refugees stranded in a small Croatian border town, is now available in full online!
It's enjoyed screenings in Germany and the US as well as the UK, picked up an award at Awareness Festival and helped raise money for a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon at its UK premiere at the Brighton Komedia.
Now it can continue to raise awareness and spread its message for free for ever!
~ FRI 5.1.18 ~
First post of 2018!
That's the first edit wrapped up for Don't Tone Alone, now onto the next.
~ MON 27.11.17 ~
Had a great shoot in Las Vegas with Fintech Finance and Galileo at the Money 20/20 conference and now the edit is in full swing!
~ TUES 19.9.17 ~
Left at Tovarnik has just won a 'Merit of Awareness' award at the LA Awareness Festival! Glad the message is still being spread!
~ THURS 3.8.17 ~
Our premiere screening for Left at Tovarnik at the Brighton Komedia was a fantastic evening! Great responses to the film and some good topics of discussion during the Q & A. Was also a pleasure to hear from INTO Giving and Hummingbird UK.
~ SUN 2.7.17 ~
Thanks very much to Norfolk Film Festival for accepting Humans of Varanasi. Should be able to attend this one!
~ THURS 15.6.17 ~
Spent the day at Grenfell Tower today filming and volunteering. Felt very impressed and inspired by everyone there mucking-in. Despite the tragic circumstances, there was certainly a positive, high-energy atmosphere.
~ TUES 23.5.17 ~
Thursday's shoot with Valise Noire on Poole Quay for their performance of Cargo was fun, and a great success all round.
~ MON 17.4.17 ~
It's been an interesting week this time round in Tunisia, getting to know the people of the capital and surrounding cities a bit more. Time now to take stock and plan the next move!
~ THU 30.3.17 ~
Getting plenty of food for thought on my Tunisia doc from the RAI Film Festival so far at the Watershed in Bristol. Brilliant, diverse range of films, excellent speakers, and darn good company.
~ MON 6.3.17 ~
Research is well underway for the next doc! This one will explore the concept of Tunisian identity and social issues in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution, now 6 years past, with an intended focus on the arts and how Tunisia's creatives are expressing their views.
~ THURS 16.2.17 ~
Very grateful to UK Screen One film festival for accepting Humans of Varanasi! Screenings details to follow...
~ TUES 31.1.17 ~
Now in the final stages of post-production, the sound mix on Left at Tovarnik, our film which documents the experience of refugees in a small Croatian border town, has begun.
~ THU 8.12.16 ~
Last night's shoot with The Great Malarkey for their second music video was, quite simply, a blast. We got some great moments with the band and our fervent team of extras. Now moving into post-production, particularly excited to see the edit.
~ SUN 11.9.16 ~
Very glad to announce Humans of Varanasi has won its first award, BEST DOCUMENTARY at Isle of Man Film Festival 2016. Very grateful to the judges, the organisers, and all who saw and enjoyed the film!
~ SUN 7.8.16 ~
Halfway through filming the Mongol Rally 2016 for The Adventurists, having passed through Europe (including the refugee jungle in Calais and post-military coup Istanbul), Georgia and Azerbaijan; onward through the 'stans to Mongolia!
~ FRI 5.8.16 ~
Many thanks to Isle of Man Film Festival for accepting Humans of Varanasi! Dates and times to be confirmed. Watch this space!
~ TUES 21.6.16 ~
Excited to be working with The Adventurists to cover their Mongol Rally charity car race from the UK to Mongolia, starting in just under a month's time.
~ THURS 16.6.16 ~
Great shoot today with Subhash of MORPH Dance Company.
~ TUES 7.6.16 ~
Footage from Left at Tovarnik, a film I worked on last year about refugees camped out in Tovarnik, a small town on the Croatia-Serbia border, will be screened at the Barbican on Sunday 12th as part of the Papers Festival, which will celebrate a range of creative responses to the refugee crisis. Ticket prices go towards the refugees. Hope to see you there!
~ FRI 27.5.16 ~
Thanks to South London Shorts for accepting my latest short doc, Humans of Varanasi, to their programme!
The film follows Tibetan photographer Kunsang Tenzing on a project in Varanasi, India. You can view the trailer along with more project info here: